Improving the health & well-being of African Americans in St. Louis
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We have exciting news

For the Sake of All is growing with an expanded mission and new name and website called Health Equity Works.

Health Equity Works remains deeply committed to St. Louis and to providing critical data that inspires collaborative community action to improve systems for the health and well-being of African Americans. Over the past several years, we have created a model for partnering with community to translate data into action. We believe this model can be applied to health equity efforts in St. Louis and beyond.

The name Health Equity Works is both a declarative sentence and an evocative image. It clearly states that health equity works to the benefit of entire communities by giving everyone the opportunity to thrive and flourish,” said Director Dr. Jason Purnell. “Health Equity Works also evokes an active foundry or workshop environment, where information and ideas are forged by partners into products that accelerate health equity. We invite our longtime partners and supporters to grow with us. You can be a part of making our collective work in St. Louis a model for the nation.”

For more information on Health Equity Works, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page. We also invite you to read Dr. Purnell’s inaugural blog post on the Health Equity Works website.

Two St. Louis communities—
9 miles between them yet worlds apart.

A child born in Clayton can expect to live 18 years longer than a child born
in the Jeff-Vander-Lou neighborhood in North St. Louis.

What could you do with 18 years?


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