Blog Post by Dedrick Asante-Muhammad & Jason Purnell



A recent blog post by Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, Director of CFED’s Racial Wealth Divide Initiative and Host of the Race and Wealth podcast, and Jason Purnell, Assistant Professor at Washington University’s Brown School, was published in November in The St. Louis American and The Huffington Post.

The post discusses the persistent and pervasive problem of racial wealth inequality in the U.S. According to a recent report, “it will take African-American households 228 years to accumulate the amount of wealth white families enjoy today.” Exploring the racial wealth divide in the St. Louis area in particular reveals not only poorer financial outcomes but also lower life expectancies for people of color.

Across the country, there are numerous local initiatives combatting issues like unemployment, low wages, and housing that can have an impact on financial well-being and health. Both For the Sake of All in its 2014 report and the Ferguson Commission in its 2015 report made recommendations for how to tackle these problems in St. Louis, and “a diverse, cross-sector set of stakeholders is working to translate [these] recommendations into action.”

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SLPD article on premature infant death in STL, by Nancy Cambria


Nancy Cambria’s December 6, 2016 article, Too many babies are dying in St. Louis and one group is taking a stand, addresses disturbing racial trends in infant mortality in St. Louis. According to a recent study commissioned by Generate Health (formerly the Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition), “African-American babies are three times as likely to die as white babies in St. Louis.” We reported similar findings on page 58 of our For the Sake of All 2014 report.

Cambria’s article also highlights the work of Generate Health’s Flourish campaign, funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health, and the unveiling of a recent call-to action promoting infant safe-sleep practices among African-American families.

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