From left to right: Daniel Watt, executive director of the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, Douglas Perry of Affinia Healthcare, Chardial Samuel of The SPOT at Jennings, Dr. Sarah Garwood of The SPOT at Jennings, Joe Miller of Wyman, and Kathleen Woods of Mercy Health Clinic at Roosevelt High School celebrate the Trust’s recent financial gift to health centers at Jennings, Normandy, and Roosevelt high schools.


Communications Manager, For the Sake of All

Earlier this year, with the help of For the Sake of All, health centers at Jennings High School, Normandy High School, and Roosevelt High School in St. Louis decided to jointly raise funds under the umbrella of sustaining school-based health centers in St. Louis.

Each health center has different medical partners and funding sources. But they recognized collaborative fundraising could reduce competition among the health centers and show donors they were unified for a greater good. This week their collaboration was richly rewarded by the Dana Brown Charitable Trust which publicly awarded $94,000 to the centers to help them operate for the next year and another $44,000 to For the Sake of All for work to expand statewide infrastructure for school-based health centers.

The health centers were recognized on Oct. 12 at SSM Health DePaul Hospital which graciously hosted members of the For the Sake of All school-based health center workgroup for a meeting and cocktail hour. Daniel Watt, executive director of the Dana Brown Charitable Trust, presented each recipient with a piggy bank to mark the financial gifts.

“These types of funding partnerships are critical for progress in St. Louis,” said Dr. Jason Purnell, director of For the Sake of All. “They alert funders and the public that groups are breaking down silos and working together for a bigger cause.”

There is more to come in St. Louis regarding school-based health centers. Two more health centers in North St. Louis County high schools will open next year.

For the Sake of All, with the leadership of consultant Marissa Paine, is further facilitating the current transition of its school-based health center workgroup into a non-profit entity named Show-Me School-Based Health Alliance of Missouri. The non-profit will provide leadership and infrastructure to support school-based health programs statewide, and is the foundation of an effort to make Missouri a full affiliate of the National School-Based Health Alliance. Stay tuned on this exciting project.


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