We are a team of many, working for the sake of all. Through a growing network of community partners, stakeholders, and citizens, we are working to address economic opportunity, early childhood education, school-based health, quality neighborhoods, and health care access. Together, we strive to improve the health of all people in our community by focusing attention on the most vulnerable. Learn more about how you can take action to support this mission.

Rachel Barth, MSW

Research Project Coordinator

Laura Brossart, BA

Dissemination Manager

Jasmine Burris, MPH

Research Project Coordinator

Nancy Cambria, MA

Communications Manager

Irum Javed, MPH

Research Assistant

Emily Kryzer, MSW, MPH

Research Project Coordinator

Nikole Lobb Dougherty, MA

Evaluation Manager

Anne Milne, MPH

Research Assistant

Aviva Needle, BA

Administrative Assistant

Airianne Posey, MSW

Research Assistant

Jason Q. Purnell, PhD, MPH

Principal Investigator and Project Director

Michelle Witthaus, BA

Program Manager