Chronic Disease


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There are many organizations in our region focused on addressing the needs of those managing chronic diseases, preventing the spread of infectious diseases, and promoting healthy lifestyles and behaviors. You can serve on volunteer boards and committees, plan events, assist with advocacy efforts, or help with administrative tasks. Besides volunteering, you can also provide support through fundraising and donations. Here are a few examples in the St. Louis region:


In addition to volunteering with an established organization, there are many ways you can help support healthy behaviors in your community or in neighborhoods throughout the region; from coaching a youth sports team to donating healthy options to a food pantry. Most importantly, you can be a model to your children, family, friends, and others by adopting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

  • Oasis, which serves adults 50 and over, offers a number of health prevention and promotion programs, including fitness and cooking classes, health screenings, and disease management classes. The organization welcomes volunteers to lead exercise classes, organize walks, and teach educational programs; training is provided.
  • GO! St. Louis encourages individuals and families to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle year-round through a variety of events. Volunteers provide support for the annual Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend as well as youth programs and other races.
  • If you’re a health care professional, pre-med, or nursing student, CHIPs Health and Wellness Center welcomes volunteers to help with clinical tasks or to serve as educators in the community.
  • Both the City of St. Louis Department of Health and St. Louis County Department of Public Health utilize volunteers for a range of tasks and projects.