Creating ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY for low-to-moderate income families in St. Louis

Having enough money for immediate needs and long-term savings is directly related to health. Education also influences health, in part, through the higher incomes of those with more years of education.

We know that people who go to college have higher incomes and are likely to live longer than those with less education. Each year, the deaths of hundreds of people in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County can be linked to low levels of income and education. Unemployment is linked to poor health and higher rates of death. In St. Louis, unemployment is almost 4 times higher among African Americans than among whites. The deaths associated with lack of economic and educational opportunities can be prevented by providing clear pathways to economic stability. There are steps we can take to improve economic opportunity for all.



Economic Opportunity

Implement a universal Child Development Account program for all children in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County.

Child Development Accounts (CDAs) are savings or investment accounts for long-term developmental goals, including post-secondary education. Research on CDAs and child savings suggests that children with savings accounts in their names are more likely to attend and graduate from college and exhibit better social and emotional functioning compared with children without them.


  • Define the program scope and infrastructure
  • Consider amending Family Development Account statutes
  • Identify and secure funding
  • Develop a framework that builds upon existing programs

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