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June 22, 2018: St. Louis American
DISMANTLING THE DIVIDE: St. Louis needs a Greenlining Fund to undo damage done by redlining

June 21, 2018: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Task force formed to develop St. Louis County affordable housing fund plan

June 20, 2018: St. Louis Public Radio
St. Louis County lays foundation for affordable housing trust fund

June 12, 2018: Vice News, Tonic
Racial Discrimination Can Take 18 Years Off Someone’s Life

June 7, 2018: St. Louis American
DISMANTLING THE DIVIDE: County should criminalize discrimination against Section 8 vouchers

June 2018: STL Nonprofit News
Dismantling the Divide: Jason Purnell and Will Jordan on Collaborations

May 24, 2018: St. Louis American
DISMANTLING THE DIVIDE: Preventing evictions and protecting tenants

May 23, 2018: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
U. City has a chance to be an innovator on TIF development

May 17, 2018: St. Louis American
Faith and For the Sake of All Hosting Advocacy Forum on May 22

May 16, 2018: St. Louis Public Radio
St. Louis County communities strive to provide affordable housing development

May 15, 2018: St. Louis American
DISMANTLING THE DIVIDE: Stadium money should be invested in Affordable Housing Trust Fund

May 10, 2018: Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health
WashU: Focus on Housing to Combat Segregation, Improve Public Health

May 9, 2018: St. Louis American
Imprecise medicine: The crossroads of Delmar and scientific innovation

May 7, 2018: St. Louis American
DISMANTLING THE DIVIDE: St. Louis County needs an Affordable Housing Trust Fund

May 7, 2018: KTRS News and Talk Radio 550
Jason Purnell and Chris Krehmeyer discuss Segregation in St. Louis: Dismantling the Divide on “All Access with Jay Kanzler”

May 7, 2018: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Editorial: Report offers a roadmap to reverse effects of segregated housing and blight across the region

May 1, 2018: St. Louis American
DISMANTLING THE DIVDE: Towards consciously inclusive communities

May 1, 2018: St. Louis American
New report strategizes to ‘dismantle the divide’

May 1, 2018: Washington University in St. Louis
For the Sake of All, community partners unveil new report on segregation in St. Louis

April 26, 2018: St. Louis Public Radio
Fair housing conference panelists focus on reducing evictions in metro St. Louis

April 26, 2018: Missouri Foundation for Health
(Re)Building a Healthy St. Louis

April 26, 2018: KMOX NewsRadio 1120
Detailed Report Highlights Inequalities in St. Louis Housing, Development

April 25, 2018: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
New report offers recommendations to address housing segregation in St. Louis

April 24, 2018: St. Louis Public Radio
St. Louis conference ‘celebrates’ 50 years of Fair Housing Act

April 17, 2018: St. Louis Public Radio
50 years later: What kinds of improvements have been made in housing since the Fair Housing Act?

March 22, 2018: St. Louis American brings the data to address disparities

March 20, 2018: St. Louis American
Researching ways to help young people, Jason Q. Purnell of For the Sake of All – through the eyes of a young person

March 13, 2018: St. Louis Business Journal
Commentary: Time to resuscitate St. Louis

December 14, 2017: Rapid City Journal
Speaker urges new mindset on racial inequality

December 14, 2017: Missouri Foundation for Health
Why Isn’t Health a Greater Priority in Missouri?

October 26, 2017: CBS St. Louis
Panel Discusses Ways To Boost Racial Equity In St. Louis

September 30, 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
We already have the blueprint to reform police, courts

September 29, 2017: St. Louis American
White privilege is a chronic condition

September 28, 2017: St. Louis American
Regional Governance Benefits the African American Community

September 28, 2017: St. Louis American
Racism is a sickness: St. Louis and America must overcome a form of madness to heal and be whole

September 27, 2017: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
Higher Education Grants or Gifts of Interest to African Americans

September 23, 2017: ABC News
Missouri lands at center of racial conflict again

September 20, 2017: Missouri Foundation for Health
The Time for Courageous Leadership is Now

September 19, 2017: CNN
St. Louis protests show the sickness and the cure

September 12, 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Creating healthy habits to close the education gap

September 11, 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Editorial: Students can flourish in healthy environments

September 11, 2017: Huffington Post
We Are All Responsible for Curing Health Inequality In St. Louis

September 6, 2017: St. Louis American
For the Sake of All nets $1.1M grant to work in public schools

September 3, 2017: Philanthropy News Digest
RWJF Awards $1.1 Million for Healthy School Model Initiative

August 31, 2017: Sirius XM News & Issues
Joe Madison w/ Dr. Jason Purnell: ‘For the Sake of All’

August 31, 2017: Fox 2 News
Normandy High School opens healthcare facility on campus

August 31, 2017: St. Louis Business Journal
Commentary: Changing the narrative on leadership

August 29, 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Louis researchers will use $1.1 million grant to develop a healthy school model

August 28, 2017: Washington University
For the Sake of All receives $1.1 million grant

August 23, 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
School health clinics are growing in number in St. Louis region

August 20, 2017: Washington Examiner
Healthcare bills aim to remedy racial disparities in the shadow of Charlottesville

August 13, 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Messenger: Ferguson, Charlottesville show America’s true colors

August 10, 2017: St. Louis Public Radio
The doctor is in: Normandy High one of three districts with health clinics on site

April 20, 2017: The University News
Race, class and well-being in St. Louis

April 13, 2017: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Messenger: Redraw the boundaries so that St. Louis can go all in

April 9, 2017: KSDK NewsChannel 5
An introduction to Building Bridges

April 6, 2017: Los Angeles Times
Near Ferguson, a nonprofit movie theater proves pop culture can help change a neighborhood narrative

April 3, 2017: The Takeaway on WNYC
Progress Drags in Ferguson

January 3, 2017: Institute for Public Health
Institute Awards Seed Funding to Jason Q. Purnell

December 29, 2016: Washington University in St. Louis
Purnell named ‘Person of the Year’ by St. Louis American

December 29, 2016: The St. Louis American
2016 Person of the Year: Jason Q. Purnell

December 15, 2016: The St. Louis American
Jason Purnell accepts Dr. Corinne Walentik Leadership in Health Award

December 12, 2016: Missouri Foundation for Health
MFH Honors Dr. Jason Purnell with Fourth Annual Walentik Leadership in Health Award

December 9, 2016: The St. Louis American
Parents As Teachers discuss educating disenfranchised communities at national conferenc

December 2, 2016: BJC Today Online
BJC signs on to AHA health disparity pledge

November 11, 2016: The Huffington Post
The Blog: Closing The City’s Growing Wealth Gap

November 10, 2016: The St. Louis American
Closing the city’s growing wealth gap

October 17, 2016: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Parents as Teachers program takes on the lessons of Ferguson

October 14, 2016: U.S. News & World Report
In Ferguson, a Picture of Health Disparities

October 14, 2016: St. Louis Business Journal
Table of Experts: Developing St. Louis’ children into the next generation of leaders

October 9, 2016: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Messenger: Divided nation needs Hillary Clinton to have her Kennedy moment

September 10, 2016: St. Louis Public Radio
Catholics cross ‘Delmar Divide’ to symbolize racial unity

August 12, 2016: Ferguson: America’s Arab Spring
For the Sake of All: Reformers

August 11, 2016: newsworks
Is it possible to ‘treat’ poverty for better health?

August 3, 2016: St. Louis Public Radio
Researchers find 12 year life expectancy gap in north St. Louis County

August 3, 2016: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Life expectancy in St. Louis depends greatly on geography

July 7, 2016 : St. Louis Public Radio
Better models for better health? Give more to those who need more

June 30, 2016: The St. Louis American
Inequity in our region is literally killing our children

June 22, 2016: The St. Louis American
For the Sake of All explores better models for better health

June 16, 2016 : Washington University in St. Louis
After two years, ‘For the Sake of All’ continues to push for action and outcomes

May 26, 2016: St. Louis Public Radio
‘Those aren’t just statistics, they are people’s lives:’ Wash U’s Purnell on ‘For the Sake of All’

April 5, 2016 : St. Louis Post Dispatch
Pathway out of poverty for child care workers

March 31, 2016: The St. Louis American
Emotional well-being: Sake of All Community Forum

March 18, 2016: 5 On Your Side
The effects of segregation on health

March 3, 2016: The St. Louis American
Poverty: bad for your health

February 24, 2016: The St. Louis American
Help put Early Childhood Health and Education on the ballot

February 8, 2016 : St. Louis Post Dispatch
Dr. Jason Purnell Named FOCUS St. Louis 2016 Leadership Award Honoree

January 14, 2016: Washington University in St. Louis
Celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King

January 12, 2016: St. Louis Public Radio
A Saint Louis University professor’s solutions-oriented research on police shootings of black males

December 10, 2015 : St. Louis Post Dispatch
Positive change through Ferguson: We all have a role to play

December 8, 2015: Washington University in St. Louis
WashU Expert: Better health care not enough to address health disparities

December 3, 2015: The St. Louis American
Parking tickets help send kids to college

November 23, 2015 : St. Louis Post Dispatch
Editorial: Babies, a Missouri budget casualty

November 17, 2015: St. Louis Post Dispatch
New Effort urges St. Louis business community to champion investment in early childhood

November 6, 2015: St. Louis Public Radio
Breaking the link between poverty and infant death in St. Louis

September 15, 2015: The Huffington Post
Political EYE: A Comprehensive Master Plan for Addressing Racial Inequality.

September 15, 2015: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Why child development accounts are smart

August 25, 2015: St. Louis Public Radio
The possibility—and pitfalls—of precision medicine

August 21, 2015: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Editorial: America broke its promise to #JamylaBolden

August 17, 2015: Wamu 88.5 npr
A Conversation With Julián Castro, Secretary Of The Department Of Housing And Urban Development

August 5, 2015: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Editorial: The region is awash in black-white disparities, but good efforts are underway

August 2015: Health Affairs
Civil Unrest, Police Use Of Force, And The Public’s Health

July 22, 2015: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Promoting equal access to safe, affordable housing

July 12, 2015: St. Louis Public Radio We Live Here: Health happens where we live; a school shows how

June 29, 2015 : St. Louis Public Radio
We Live Here: Segregation is ‘literally killing us,’ health researcher says

June 23, 2015: The St. Louis American
Hillary Clinton engages in conversation on race at Christ The King

June 16, 2015: St. Louis Public Radio
Alderman hear stark divide over increasing city minimum wage

June 8, 2015: The St. Louis American
Public Policy Research Center at UMSL releases ‘Equity Assessment’ of STL, Income disparity costing region $14B

May 5, 2015: St. Louis Public Radio
‘For the Sake of All’ project urges community action

May 2, 2015: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Arguments against Better Together, regionalism are unconvincing

May 2015: St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society
Health Disparities in St. Louis

April 30, 2015: The St. Louis American
Baltimore and Ferguson: A continuing crisis of black leadership

April 17, 2015: St. Louis Public Radio
Economic mobility important for region post-Ferguson

April 2, 2015: The St. Louis American
Wells Fargo invests $100K in ‘For the Sake of All’

March 25, 2015: Washington University in St. Louis
‘For the Sake of All’ project receives $100,000 gift from Wells Fargo

March 18, 2015: The St. Louis American
‘For the Sake of All’ tackles early education

March 5, 2015 : St. Louis Post Dispatch
Wu commits cash to satisfy student demands

February 28, 2015: The St. Louis American
STL County Library partners with Wash U to promote ‘For the Sake of All’

February 26, 2015: The St. Louis American
Ferguson Commission probes the ‘geography of inequality’

February 19, 2015: The St. Louis American
We need young leaders

November 28, 2014: Echoes and Evidence: Nursing History and Health Policy Blog
Ferguson: A tale of health disparities

October 30, 2014: St. Louis Post Dispatch
It’s time to stop studying

October 23, 2014: Saint Louis University
University Hosts High School Students for Hands-On Learning

October 16, 2014: Washington University in St. Louis
‘For the Sake of All’ project kicks off community action series

September 25, 2014: Riverfront Times
St. Louis is Sixth Most Segregated City in America, But Still Better than NYC, Chicago

September 23, 2014: The St. Louis American
Celebrating 20 years of leadership giving

September 15, 2014: The St. Louis American
Deaconess Foundation responds to Ferguson unrest with $100K investment for youth organizing

September 9, 2014: St. Louis Public Radio
Analysis: Ferguson Protests Are About Justice But Also About Health And Economic Disparities

August 31, 2014: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Establish nonprofit system to insure medically needy St. Louisans

August 24, 2014: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Disparities in health and hope

August 22, 2014: The Washington Post
In St. Louis, Delmar Boulevard is the line that divides a city by race and perspective

August 19, 2014: Vox-Express
Map: The racial and economic divide in the St. Louis area

August 17, 2014 : Colorlines Published In St. Louis Area, A Short Distance Can Make A Big Difference

August 15, 2014: Bloomberg
Following the Facts About Ferguson: Monday Round-Up

August 4, 2014: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Zip code better predictor of health than genetic code

July 24, 2014 : St. Louis Post Dispatch
Editorial: If kids do count in Missouri, lawmakers must reverse trends

July 24, 2014: The St. Louis American
‘For the Sake of All’ receives new grant

June 19, 2014: The St. Louis American
Saving the community from within

June 19, 2014: Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned – For the Sake of All

June 13, 2014: Occasional Planet
Not just another study of racial inequality—this one includes real community action

June 12, 2014 : The St. Louis American
Needed: partnerships of vested self-interest

June 10, 2014: St. Louis Public Radio
Discussion: Can ‘For The Sake Of All’ Report Change Policy In St. Louis?

June 5, 2014 : The St. Louis American
Facing the St. Louis challenge

June 5, 2014: The St. Louis American
What data can do for us

June 4, 2014: CBS St. Louis
An interview with Dr. Jason Purnell.

June 3, 2014: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Editorial: Poverty is crushing African-Americans in the St. Louis region

June 2, 2014: Washington University in St. Louis
Landmark study offers solutions to inequality still afflicting St. Louis region

May 30, 2014: St. Louis Public Radio
Will The ‘For The Sake Of All’ Research Stay In The Ivory Towers?

May 30, 2014: St. Louis Public Radio
Report: Racial Health Disparities Affect Everyone In St. Louis, Not Just African Americans

May 30, 2014: The St. Louis American
Release of ‘For the Sake of All’ study leads to call for action

May 30, 2014: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Landmark study on health of African-Americans in St. Louis region released

March 5, 2014: The St. Louis American
Let’s make some history

March 4, 2014: Washington University in St. Louis
Community invited to give feedback on ‘For the Sake of All’ project March 18

February 17, 2014: St. Louis Public Radio
Public Comment Encouraged On ‘For The Sake Of All’ Research

January 29, 2014 : The St. Louis American
A candid discussion with candid leaders

January 16, 2014: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Study calls for everyone’s help to end racial health disparities

January 13, 2014: St. Louis Public Radio
The Past Decade Shows Progress In The Battle Against Chronic Diseases, St. Louis Researchers Say

December 9, 2013: St. Louis Public Radio
Report: Racial Divide Leads To Health Disparity In St. Louis

December 5, 2013: Saint Louis University
Public Health Researchers Assess Chronic Disease in the St. Louis Region

December 5, 2013: Washington University in St. Louis
Assessing chronic disease in the St. Louis region

December 5, 2013 : 5 On Your Side
Study: Chronic disease a concern for African-Americans in St. Louis

December 4, 2013: St. Louis Beacon
Many concerns — and some hope — in health data on blacks in the region

November 13, 2013 : The St. Louis American
Segregation leads to health inequities

November 6, 2013: St. Louis Beacon
Can segregation make you sick? Researchers study effects on health

November 6, 2013: Saint Louis University
Effects of Segregation Negatively Impact Health

November 5, 2013: St. Louis Public Radio
Poor Mental Health Lessens Social And Economic Opportunities For African Americans In St. Louis

October 24, 2013: The St. Louis American
Mental health impacts economic opportunity

October 16, 2013: St. Louis Beacon
Community awareness needed to encourage blacks to embrace mental health services

October 16, 2013: The St. Louis American
Health challenges and high school dropouts

October 16, 2013: Washington University in St. Louis
Mental health conditions negatively affect social and economic opportunity

September 30, 2013: St. Louis Public Radio
Health Issues Root Cause Of Many Dropouts, St. Louis Study Says

September 25, 2013: Washington University in St. Louis
Childhood health linked to high school completion

September 25, 2013: St. Louis Beacon
‘For Sake of All’: Health affects school dropout rate

September 25, 2013: St. Louis Public Radio
Wash U. Study Finds Physical, Mental Health Play ‘Surprising’ Role In High School Dropout Rates

September 18, 2013 : St. Louis Beacon
For the Sake of All: Doing the math on poverty and death

September 12, 2013: The St. Louis American
Education is a health intervention

September 9, 2013: St. Louis Public Radio
St. Louis Researchers Connect African-American Health Problems To Poverty, Lack Of Education

September 9, 2013: St. Louis Beacon
The B List: Four fancy-schmancy phrases translated

September 5, 2013: Riverfront Times
St. Louis’ High Black Death Rate: New Research on Poverty, Education Links, Cost of Fatalities

August 28, 2013: 5 On Your Side
Study analyzes well-being of St. Louis African Americans

August 28, 2013: Washington University in St. Louis
Study on health and well-being of African Americans in St. Louis releases first policy brief

August 27, 2013: St. Louis Beacon
Reducing poverty and increasing education save lives, money

July 17, 2013: The St. Louis American
Scholars team up to research coordinated regional response to black health

July 16, 2013: St. Louis Beacon
Scholars from WU, SLU focus on disparities among blacks in St. Louis region

A report on the health and well-being of African Americans in St. Louis and why it matters for everyone