Investing in QUALITY NEIGHBORHOODS for all in St. Louis

Healthy food options, quality schools, clean air to breathe, and services and amenities like banks and parks are just some of the neighborhood factors that shape a person’s health throughout his or her life. All people should have the opportunity to live in a quality neighborhood. However, policies and practices throughout the nation, and in our region in particular, have divided neighborhoods based on race, social class, or both.

This division, or segregation, in neighborhoods often affects the opportunity for all residents to live healthy, productive lives. In addition, living in areas of concentrated poverty isolated from job opportunities can prevent people from climbing the economic ladder. In St. Louis, and around the nation, this segregation is deadly. Areas of the region that have higher levels of poverty and a high concentration of African American population experience poorer health and shortened lifespans. There are steps we can take to improve neighborhood quality for all.


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Quality Neighborhoods

Establish a coordinating organization to advocate for development, tax, and zoning policies to support inclusive, affordable housing.


  • Identify an existing organization to lead this work and establish a charter
  • Identify sources of funding
  • Analyze zoning and other policies currently in place at the municipal and neighborhood level in the St. Louis region that serve as impediments to inclusive and affordable housing

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Quality Neighborhoods

Coordinate groups addressing gun violence as a public health issue.


  • We believe that the existing infrastructure and planning mechanisms being formed by the St. Louis Area Violence Prevention Collaborative are the best means of supporting this group going forward. We remain closely connected to this work, but we do not envision For the Sake of All playing a leading role in these efforts. We will continue to provide whatever support we can to the efforts of the Collaborative.

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