Investing in coordinated SCHOOL HEALTH for all students in St. Louis

Health and education go hand in hand, and investments in both can set children up for success throughout life. Factors related to health, including hunger, chronic illness, substance abuse, and violence, can affect a student’s ability to learn and do well in school. Compared to white students, African American children in St. Louis experience nearly five times the rate of injuries from violence, eleven times the rate of asthma-related ER visits, and five times the rate of high school dropout.

A coordinated school health model can address many factors necessary to support health in school settings. One of those factors is health care delivered in schools. School-based health clinics (SBHCs) have been shown to have a positive impact on access to health care, health care costs, health outcomes, and academic performance. Clinics can provide a range of services, including primary care, health screenings, and mental health care. There are steps we can take to improve health for all students.


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School Health

Build capacity for adoption of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model of coordinated school health in the region’s school districts.


  • Establish proof of concept in terms of successful implementation of the model at the school and district levels
  • Build awareness, buy-in, and capacity for educational leaders and school systems throughout the region who would implement the WSCC model
  • Advocate for policy changes to support the use of such a model to address social, emotional, and physical health barriers to academic achievement and educational attainment

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School Health

Sustain existing school-based clinics and establish new clinics in high-need areas.


  • Build infrastructure to facilitate school-based health clinic implementation
  • Determine where the newly established clinics will be placed, considering need, school buy-in and capacity, and long-term viability of the school

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