School Health


Educate & InformDonate & VolunteerOrganize & Advocate


Give your time to initiatives and organizations that are helping to improve coordinated school health in St. Louis. Ways you can help include:

Serve on a School Health Advisory Council

If such a committee does not yet exist, volunteer to help organize and develop one to bring together school, student, and community volunteers to coordinate resources, activities, and services. The Guide to Community-School Health Councils or School Health Advisory Council Guide can help with this process.

Volunteer with School Health Programs

Serve as a mentor, coaching assistant, monitor, chaperone, or tutor for school health activities and programs.

Help Procure Funding

Lend your time and expertise to help schools, districts, or community organizations applying for funding to expand coordinated school health programs.

Promote Health-Related Programming

Volunteer your time with youth organizations that provide youth development or health-related programming outside of school hours. Just a few examples in the St. Louis region include: