School Health


Educate & InformDonate & VolunteerOrganize & Advocate


Educate yourself and others in the community by reviewing and sharing resources.

Read the Discussion Guide and Action Toolkit

Read the companion Discussion Guide and Action Toolkit.

Read the Policy Brief

Read the For the Sake of All brief: How does health influence school dropout?

Watch the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Video

Watch the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation video, Education: It Matters More to Health Than Ever Before, to learn about the connection between education and health, and share with others.

Explore Research

Explore research on the link between health and educational outcomes.

Connect through Social Media

Share what you’ve learned with others. This could be as simple as having a discussion with a friend or colleague. Or bring the message to a larger audience, such as hosting a panel discussion or giving a presentation to your local parent-teacher organization or school board. Here are some social media suggestions:

  • 61% of African American H.S. students in MO are not physically active. Learn how coordinated school health programs can promote health.
  • Healthier students are better learners. Find out how you can help invest in coordinated school health programs in our community.
  • All students, regardless of race, deserve the opportunity to be healthy. Coordinated school health programs can help.
  • Positive youth development programs improve academic success, increase self-esteem & reduce violence – invest today.
  • Does your community offer positive youth programming and safe spaces for out-of-school hours? Learn how this can affect health.