School Health


Educate & InformDonate & VolunteerOrganize & Advocate


Host events or reach out to policy makers in your community.

Share Resources

Identify and promote the use of resources for developing school health policies and for planning and assessing school health programs, such as CDC’s School Health Index, NASBE’s Fit, Healthy, and Ready to Learn, and USDA’s Changing the Scene. Make these resources available to school districts in the region.

Solicit Help

Meet with school personnel, students, parents, and community members to determine what support (e.g., materials, expertise, time) they can offer to advance the eight components of a coordinated school health program. Identify how they can support implementation of the School Health Index.

Advocate to Your Elected Officials

Advocate for coordinated school health programs by writing to or calling your local and state policy makers, such as Missouri Senators or Missouri House of Representatives.

Participate in Parent-Teacher Organizations

Participate in parent-teacher organizations, attend school board meetings, and speak at community forums on the topic of coordinated school health.

Speak with School Administrators

Talk to the administrators in your school district about making school facilities available outside of school hours through joint-use agreements to promote physical activity opportunities for students and their families.

Procure Donations from Local Businesses

Ask local businesses to donate incentives for students, staff, parents, and volunteers to participate in coordinated school health planning and delivery.

Support Youth Development Programs

Organize a resource fair that showcases the positive youth development programs that currently exist in your community.

Write a Letter

Write a letter to the editor or op-ed in support of increased funding for coordinated school health programs, developing school community partnerships to support improving student health, and/or expanding access to positive youth development programming.